Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Considered to be one of 6 "evil pernicious influences" in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Wind is considered to be the cause of a whole slew of nasties.

Wind is said to bring other evil Qi (Chi or energy) in with it.

Given the wind that was slamming into and through my house last night, I can assure you that there was a an entire army of evil Qi being circulated in and around and through my domestic domain. When I stumbled into the commode this morning, a bit scattered and loopy from hearing the tiles on my roof shaking all through the night, I was startled to see the water in the toilet moving up and down as if the almighty wind was in the pipes themselves! Evil nasties, indeed!

According to TCM, wind is considered to be the most important of the 6 evils as it is the cause of the "100 diseases".

Symptoms of illness caused by wind generally start with a stiff, aching neck, headache, itching skin, and aching joints.

Wind is thought to disperse Qi upward and outward.

Given the upward and outward diasarray that my brain feels this morning, I would have to agree...I think I'll go fix myself another cup of coffee, and hope for a little calm before the forecasted comeback of more of this evil pernicious influence.

Oh yes, one more thing, a word of practical advice that most any Grandma might give, wearing a scarf around your neck while travelling through this nasty wind will protect your neck and head, and is prescribed so in TCM.

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