Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Many Blogs, So Little Time to Read (or Write) Them All...

I've decided that my interests are too varied, and the very simple reality is that I have not enough time to do all that I wish to do in any given day.  Funny how that is. I want to Blog on a minimum of 3 different topics:

1)  Herbs, and their utility in maintaining health and assisting in those times when our health has gone South.

2)  Unschooling, and our progress and experiences through this fascinating voyage into our life of learning through living, exploring, discovering; and the nuts and bolts run down of day-to-day activities.

3) Pregnancy and Birth, and all the fascinating aspects to both.

I think I need two more blogs, because it seems silly to try and combine all three into one.  However, the reality is that I barely keep up with this blog, and it seems insane to think I could keep up with three! My herbal blogging seems to have gotten trampled as my interests in Unschooling and my path towards Doula certification have grown.

I'll get back to you soon, and let you know what my resulting decision is...

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