Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year--New Ideas--New Creations

I've recently been inspired through unexpected means.
Inspired to write fiction--once the passion of my creative soul.
Inspired to remove all negative thoughts and speech from my day to day life.
Inspired to dwell in all that has to do with true love.
Inspired to help those around me.
Inspired to pursue those callings that have continued their subdued siren songs in the background of my life even during times when the mundanities of life have clouded my hearing.

I feel an upswelling of creative fire growing from deep within and simultaneously I have a very logical desire to pursue my next career in the healing arts.

The close of 2008 and the door into 2009 has been starkly real for me. I do not recall any other New Year that has felt so...well, New.

Is it the Change that our President elect, Mr. Obama, predicted?

Is it the events leading up to my profound need to change my life and my thoughts that have caused the strength of this feeling?

Is it simply the ever-continual change that is a part of life?

I feel as if I'm on the brink of an amazing new way of being. The threshold is more than a doorway to the unknown, it is to all I've ever known, and all that I've understood, but have never been able to translate into language. Suddenly all that I've been pushing aside is staring at me head-on.

What have I ignored that I now must face?

As I have witnessed my normally focused self perform such senseless and scattered acts in the last several weeks...from losing my cell phone and ski poles to crashing my car, it became apparent that my choices in thought, speech, and attention were losing clarity. Even while I was encircling myself in an inspiration and absolute deliciousness of love inspired by books I was reading, it was evident that a self-imposed negativity that was so profound in other aspects of my life were contributing to this lack of focus.

And then, it seemed, I suddenly woke up. I came through the fog and had these profound and magnanimous feelings of change. Once I changed my thinking, it immediately felt like the train of my life regained its tracks...and I'm pushed to follow through.

I'll be very interested to see where this year will go.

I'm wishing each and every one of my friends, family, and acquaintances a prosperous New Year, full of Joy, Good Fortune, and Blessings. I am grateful for living a life that is so blessed with amazing people, amazing family, so much love, and such quintessential beauty. I am blessed.

Let's Get Some, Get Some, Get Some...Go Again!

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