Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bumps in the Road

To say the least, despite this being the Year of the Rat, supposedly the year of new beginnings, my family and I have finally had enough of the new beginnings of illnesses upon illnesses, upon illnesses.

While this is supposed to be a blog about health and healing and the use of herbs to maintain and get you there, it all goes out the door (sometimes) when kids are involved.

Given the last 5 weeks of snot and such and watching it all deteriorate into pneumonia with one kid and a serious non-pneumonia respiratory infection with the other, I am amazed at the amazing power of viruses and the amazing differences in the ability of one body versus another in dealing with them. One kid is fine one day, sick the next, fine for a week, sick for a day, fine the next, sick again, fine the next, and then BAM!! Pneumonia. The other kid has been sniffling, snuffling, dripping, coughing, moaning, cranky, clingy, irritable, irritating, and generally unwell for 4 weeks, and then BAM!! Super serious do-we-need-to-rush-to-ER-in-the-middle-of-the-night sick. And then she maintains that level of sickness for 5 straight days.


Fortunately, I think she's turned the corner and is on the up and up.

To add insult to injury, I of course got sick again, for the 2nd time in 3 weeks right at the apex of the do we hospitalize or not time-frame.

Mother's can't afford to get sick when everyone is healthy and happy, but when the poop is hitting the fan the last thing anyone needs is a sick Mama.

Fortunately, Mama does know herbs, and I managed to pick the right forumula to knock the crap out of this virus. And while it hasn't left my body, it didn't entrench itself there like it did with the kids, and I definitely feel like I'm on the mend.

It all reminds me of being in 9th grade when I got strep 3 times, the chickenpox, bronchitis, and several normal colds, all between the months of November and April. Now that was a picnic! The chickenpox were miraculously obtained from a book of childhood illnesses I read while babysitting one night, and 4 days later I was covered in a lovely shade of polka-dot. I managed to give it to the 5 or so people in high school who also had somehow never been exposed. What a joy.

In all upbeatedness...I hope that's all for now. Let's get on to some real new beginnings--like vacations to fun places we've never been!

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keven said...

Strep throat! I was at one time the King of Strep Throat. I was infected so often I could dry swallow a penicillin pill during class. The downside - I aquired not only an immunity to the advantages of penicillin, the doctor beleived that the massive doses accounted for my current allergy to the "miracle drug". All in all the whole experience reinforced my belief that our preoccupation with stamping out any and all illnesses has left us more susceptible to the very same as our bodies become less and less able to fight viruses on their own. That said I hope the kids are well and I am glad they have a Mom that can "knock the crap" out of whatever ails them.