Friday, February 1, 2008


Edges, that is.

We left off yesterday discussing TCM theory and the 5 Elements.
According to TCM theory, Metal controls Wood.

I had the fortune today of allowing metal to control wood in a very tangible and fun-filled way.

If there is one thing I can be ever-thankful to my parents for, it's introducing me to the wonders of lift-serviced mountain sports (of course when I was a kid, skiing was all there was). Every time I sit my bum down on a chairlift and enjoy the ride to the top I am thankful, and then I continue on in awe of the amazing beauty--the clouds speeding by, trees standing as bold sentinals close by, the ice crystals forming rainbows around the sun, the sparkle of snow crystals below. Whatever the weather, I am always in awe and perfectly happy to be at that place at that time.

Today, I was more than happy, as I was riding a brand new piece of snow-gliding equipment, due to the unfortunate and untimely demise of my previous ride. Needless to say it was perfect. I had done my homework, shopped around, and ended up with a near-identical match to my previous contraption. Unintended, but beautiful.

The conditions at the little blue bird today were much better than I had expected. While areas were indeed wind-blown and crusty, with a little bit of strange crud thrown in, the majority of the slopes I travelled were remarkable and dreamy. So dreamy. I rode Precious 4 times in a row, and every time the powder seemed softer and deeper than the previous run, which given the physics of reality, we know that just can't be. However, each time it was so delectable and addictive I just had to come back for more...until I realized I needed to head somewhere else to assess the possibilities. Ahhhhh....yes. I love our mountain.

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Jimbo said...

Nice! Mrs. Jimbo and I will be checkin' out the goods presently. thanks for the read.